Canada's NDP


May 5th, 2021

International Day of the Midwife

Lindsay Mathyssen, the NDP’s Critic for Women and Gender Equality to mark International Midwifery Day:

“Today marks the International Day of Midwives, a day to thank the midwives in our communities for playing a vital role in the health of women, especially in rural and remote communities.

Today is also an opportunity to ensure the important role of midwives is sustained in our communities and they have access to the necessary education and funding they need.

Just last month, Laurentian University cut one of the few Canadian universities with a midwifery program. We cannot let the future of maternal health in this country be chipped away by a lack of funding from federal and provincial governments.

New Democrats will fight to ensure that midwives can continue to carry out the vital work they do across our country.”