MP Mathyssen Questions Support for French Speaking Constituents

Madam Speaker, there is an organization in my riding, London—Fanshawe, called Planète Solidarité that offers services in French for children.
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May 19

MP Mathyssen Presents a Motion and Question Regarding Border Measures

Mr. Speaker, there have been consultations among the parties and, if you seek it, I hope that you will find unanimous consent for the following motion. I move:
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May 16

MP Mathyssen Presents a Motion, Following Conservative Filibustering

Madam Speaker, interestingly, I am in the chamber today. I am always honoured to speak in this House, representing the people of London—Fanshawe, but I am in the chamber today because the Standing Committee on National Defence was cancelled, unfortunately, because the member for Sherwood Park—Fort Saskatchewan is filibustering a motion on women's reproductive rights at the foreign affairs committee and there simply are not enough resources for the House to hold that...
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May 12

MP Mathyssen's Statement on a Canada-China committee

Madam Speaker, I would like to thank the member for Wellington—Halton Hills for bringing forward this motion today. I also would like to thank my hon. colleague from Edmonton Strathcona for sharing her time with me and for her incredible insight on this. I am always so grateful to share these issues with her, and I learn from her every day.
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May 6

MP Mathyssen's Statement regarding London's Fugitive Slave Chapel

Madam Speaker, I am proud to rise today in the House to tell members about an incredible living history museum in my riding, Fanshawe Pioneer Village, and its project to preserve and restore London's Fugitive Slave Chapel. The slave chapel, built in 1848, served as a place of gathering and worship for London's Black community until 1868, and was one of the terminus points on the Underground Railroad.
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May 3

MP Lindsay Mathyssen Statement regarding Bill C-8

Madam Speaker, one of the issues as part of Bill C-8 is the fact that teachers are supposed to be receiving tax credits for items they use in their profession. I know a lot of my constituents have had their taxes held up because of the holding up of this legislation. Maybe the hon. member could talk a little more about that and if he and his constituents share that frustration, because I know mine certainly do.
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May 2

MP Lindsay Mathyssen Statements in the House of Commons

Madam Speaker, I want to thank my hon. colleague for his motion and his intervention today. I have an incredible Hindu community in my riding as well. This weekend we celebrated Holi. I was covered in so many colours and it was wonderful to celebrate that joyous festival filled with love and forgiveness. I want to thank the Srishti Foundation and the Hindu Cultural Centre, in my riding.
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April 25

NDP Critic for National Defence, Lindsay Mathyssen made the following statement:

After years of ignored reports, action on systemic racism in Canada’s military is long overdue.
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April 22

NDP Statement on Earth Day

On Earth Day, we must all reflect on and renew our commitments to making our planet a better, healthier place – both now and for the future. The climate crisis is one of the biggest threats facing Canadians and people worldwide. With recent flooding, wildfires, and extreme weather seen in our country, it is clear – more action needs to be taken now.
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April 5

MP Mathyssen Statement on Federal Government Spending for the Canadian Armed Forces

Today, I rise in the House to speak to the opposition day motion proposed by the Conservatives about Canada's future defence spending requirements under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. I have much respect for my colleagues, especially the member for South Surrey—White Rock who introduced this motion, with whom I sit on the Standing Committee for National Defence. I have enjoyed working with her thus far; however, I cannot agree with her today.
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