MP Mathyssen Asks To Work Together To Increase The Corporate Tax Rate

Mr. Speaker, I was really quite happy to hear the member talk about the fact that the government is not actually making the ultrarich pay their fair share. That is fascinating. I do agree that in terms of what we are seeing in this budget, it certainly does not go far enough. The increase of the inclusion rate for capital gains simply is not enough. New Democrats have been calling for an increase of the excess profits tax, the corporate book tax and other taxes.
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April 17

MP Mathyssen Praises London Family Health Care Clinic, GROW: Grounded Roots, Open Wings 

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April 11

MP Mathyssen Pushes Minister to Stop the Delay in Building Homes for Military Families

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April 8

The People Who Serve Must be at the Forefront of Canada's Defence policy

NDP critic for National Defence MP Lindsay Mathyssen (London—Fanshawe) made the following statement:
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March 28

MP Mathyssen Sends Letter to Minister Blair In Support of Non-Public Funds Workers

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March 21

Scab Workers Preventing Military Civilian Workers From Getting a Fair Deal

Mr. Speaker, military civilian workers who support our troops on Canadian military bases are still on strike.
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March 20

MP Mathyssen Addresses the Lack of Conservative Support for Ukraine

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March 18

MP Mathyssen Calls for Ceasefire and Shares Experiences from Trip to Palestine and Jordan

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