Canada's NDP


February 22nd, 2024

Statement on the Verdict for Nathaniel Veltman

Lindsay Mathyssen

Member of Parliament


February 22, 2024

LONDON – Lindsay Mathyssen MP released the following statement following the verdict of Nathaniel Veltman, who is responsible for the heinous Terrorist Attack against members of the Afzaal family in 2021:

Today’s verdict from Superior Court Justice Pomerance, brings a well-deserved justice for the Afzaal Family and our community.

I am extremely relieved and hope that our community can start the healing process; However, there is so much that needs to be done to fight hatred and discrimination in our communities. The federal government must play a key role to ensure that our communities are safe and protected.

My heart is with the Afzaal family and their loved ones today. I am thinking of everyone in the community, and I am committed to continuing this fight against all forms of hatred and Islamophobia.