Canada's NDP


February 27th, 2024

Questions on Public Service Lay-Offs and ArriveCan

Madam Speaker, earlier, a Liberal member said that the Conservative government laid off nearly 37,000 federal public servants to finance its promised tax cuts, reducing the government's internal resources. The Conservatives are therefore responsible for the rising costs of outsourcing.

I am curious. I would like to hear my colleague's suggestions about all the contracts and all the problems we are seeing now.

Madam Speaker, my hon. colleague said very clearly that she would not be supporting this motion because other investigations are ongoing, but one of the key points of this motion calls on the government to collect and recoup all funds paid to ArriveCAN contractors and subcontractors.

When we are talking about having trust in the government, which she spoke of at the end of her speech, and trust in the institutions, the trust of managing finances is certainly a huge part of that. Why does she not believe it is incumbent upon the House to ask for the recoupment of that money so trust can be ensured?