Canada's NDP


April 6th, 2020

No Canadian should be left behind amid COVID-19 says MP Mathyssen


LONDON — NDP Critic for NDP Critic for Inclusion Diversity and Youth, and Post Secondary Education, Lindsay Mathyssen (London—Fanshawe)​, called on the Liberal government to extend the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit to the millions of Canadians, including students, who don't qualify for the benefit. In a letter to the government, Mathyssen asked for immediate action to ensure no one is left behind during COVID-19.
“Along with other Canadians, many students have been left out of the government's Emergency Benefit programs. They need help now, but the Liberals continue to ignore students and youth who are struggling to make ends meet,” said Mathyssen. “Students typically don’t have savings stored away for a rainy day and many are graduating with crippling debt. With this pandemic, they have fewer opportunities to earn money to support themselves and pay back their loans. This is wrong and we need to do better.”
As New Democrats have been saying for weeks, direct payment of $2,000 – with an additional $250 per child – to everyone in Canada would make sure that people who have been left behind by the government's announcements can get the help they need.
"No Canadian should fall through the cracks during this pandemic,” said Mathyssen. “We are also calling on the federal government to permanently extend the waiver of interest charges on students loans. The government shouldn’t profit off the backs and future of our students. Not now, not ever.”