Canada's NDP


November 4th, 2020

NDP urge government to follow through on their promise for pay equity

OTTAWA- Lindsay Mathyssen (London-Fanshaw), Critic for Women and Gender Equality, has today criticized the Liberal government’s lack of action in the fight for pay equity.
“Liberals love their pretty words when it comes to gender equality, but women are still being forced to wait. Women are forced to wait for affordable childcare and women are forced to wait for equal pay for equal work,” said Mathyssen in Question Period. “Overall, Canadian women make 32% less than men. Our work shouldn’t come at a discount.”
The House of Commons passed a motion on pay equity in 2016, thanks to the NDP, which pushed the Liberals to introduce new legislation in 2018. Since then, the Liberals have been dragging their feet and haven’t done anything to enforce and support pay equity.
The Fiscal Analysis of Federal Pay Equity, published today by the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO), has highlighted concerns around the government’s spending on pay equity and says that the government needs to commit to spending more.
“The Liberals need to follow through with their empty promises, to ensure that women in this country, no matter their racial identity, are paid equally for equal work. Do not make them wait any longer, they deserve equality now,” said Mathyssen.