Canada's NDP


September 28th, 2020

MP Mathyssen to Trudeau’s Liberals: where is the help promised to students

OTTAWA - Today, in Parliament, NDP Critic for Post-Secondary Education, Lindsay Mathyssen (London—Fanshawe), called on the Liberals to stop delaying the financial help Canadian students need. With already limited job prospects compounded by retail and service industry shutdowns and increased costs for university and college, young Canadians have been some of the hardest hit financially by the pandemic. The Liberals promised they would help with the Canadian Student Service Grant (CSSG) but what students got was the WE Charity scandal.

“When this Liberal government rushed to fund their friends at WE charity, they did it with almost a billion dollars they had promised to help students,” said Mathyssen. “And when they got caught, the help disappeared. But students’ concerns about how they'll afford their tuition fees, rent, food, and bills did not.”

Months ago, Mathyssen wrote to the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development to urge the government to deliver help for students. In response, the Minister insisted that her government’s CSSG program, which failed to get off the ground, was made available to provide help for students. But that help never arrived.

“Just because the Liberals want the WE scandal to be forgotten, it doesn’t mean young Canadians who have been hit hard by the pandemic can be,” said Mathyssen. “When will this government put the 912 million dollars they promised toward student’s assistance?”