Canada's NDP


October 26th, 2020

MP Mathyssen in Question Period Oct 22, 2020


The pressure that parents feel today is the result of inaction by Liberal and Conservative governments. For ten years, the Conservative government worked against every effort to make quality child care more accessible to Canadian families. Since taking power, the Liberal government has offered only a patchwork approach that hasn’t made a difference for families struggling to find the care they need. The result is a broken system with child care costs that are among the highest in the world, and enormous worry in the lives of Canadian families. We need action on a national childcare plan now!

"The Liberals have promised universal, affordable, public child care 27 years ago, five years ago, one year ago and two weeks ago, but they never delivered. If only the Liberals had been government over those years; oh wait, they were. Like other child care centres, the Garderie Tunney's Daycare in Ottawa has had to close suddenly. Parents still had to pay high fees for child care they were not even getting, in fact, $1,800 for just a few days of care in October. Why is child care only a priority for Liberals when they are giving speeches?"

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