Canada's NDP


August 18th, 2020


Press Release

August 18, 2020

LONDON – NDP MP Lindsay Mathyssen disagrees with Trudeau’s decision to prorogue Parliament. Canadians deserve a government that is focused on helping them, not on their own scandals and conflicts within their own party.

“We are in the middle of a global crisis, a worldwide pandemic – this is a time when Canadians need leadership, they need their government to govern, not to hide behind parliamentary tools like prorogation, to avoid facing the consequences of their scandalous actions,” said Mathyssen. “CERB is ending in two weeks, families are coping with financial stresses, job losses, a lack of affordable child care, and uncertainty about their kids’ return to school. People in London are dealing with a lot and they need a government that is thinking about people, not themselves.”

New Democrats have fought hard to support people during the pandemic and we will continue to fight for people and for the services they need. We negotiated that Parliament continue to meet throughout the summer, for the work of Parliament continued and so that we could keep the government accountable and people informed on what to expect from their government. The Liberals should not prorogue while Canadians are still in such incredible need of assistance.


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